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On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 19:27 +0200, Martin Lettner wrote:
> the old engines have not been updated for years AFAIK so they are just
> slow and may have non-beautiful code. also the have less features then
> murrine or clearlooks which can look totally different by changing
> some values.
> i dont think we will need eg. crux and industrial, if you something
> special use pixmaps.

The issue is that porting the themes to pixmap would likely be a step
backward in some regards (eg. RTL languages, colour scheme support).
But it is true that some of the engines are not that much fun to work on
and would likely require quite some overhaul if one wanted to do
anything major on them. However they do mostly work, have been ported to
cairo, are fast and require very little work as is.

That said, I am not entirely against dropping engines and themes (we
have dropped lighthouseblue, metal and smooth in the past). But I am not
going to make such a decision lightly.


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