Re: New member

I do not agree with this. Yes, the other engines are "second class" but
I really like the idea of having a variety of unique themes. I do think
that there is a place for eg. Crux and Industrial in the future and that
it is a good idea to also ship eg. a pink theme.
By having a diverse set of themes most people will be able to find one
that works well for them. At the same time we can show that a lot is
possible and hopefully people will enjoy browsing the themes.
the old engines have not been updated for years AFAIK so they are just slow and may have non-beautiful code. also the have less features then murrine or clearlooks which can look totally different by changing some values.
i dont think we will need eg. crux and industrial, if you something special use pixmaps.
> If there would be a really simple theme modifying tool, [...]
gnome-color-chooser is a step in this direction.
well this app is everything else than easy to use. i think about some basic options integrated into the apearance dialog where the color options are.
I think that as a first step would should simply add support to ship
colour schemes with themes. This would enable us to easily ship a dark
theme for GNOME.
this would be really nice. i've seen screenshots of that months or maybe a year ago...
In the long run resolution independence and support for a scaling factor
would be what I want instead, but that requires changes in GTK+ that may
only be ready for GTK+ 3.0.
that would be perfect!

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