Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

On 05/15/2015 09:07 AM, Narcis Garcia wrote:
How does Mozilla solve the third-party development of extensions to
manage the addition and updates in ?

Is it really necessary to be a single website (the official) with the
only extensions repository? Similar to app.packages, how about the PPA
model apart of main/supported repositories?

You can use the good old package managers to install extensions and then
enable them in the GNOME Tweak Tool. Arch Linux has tons of
gnome-shell-extension-* packages in its user-supplied repository. When
using packages, the burden of supporting the extensions is on the
distribution, however.

Allowing for multiple *web* repositories for per-user un-package-managed
installations seems like something we don't need unless someone is
really interested in maintaining a separate web repository.

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