Re: Where can I find detailed extension API changes of gnome-shell

Of course, I know that there still would be need in some cases to use
monkey patching, but trying to reduce its need to only the
really-really-need cases should reduce the review work.

On 15/05/15 10:33, rastersoft wrote:
The extension review process is mostly for checking whether the
extension is malicious or not ... reviewers are free to check other
things like code quality, obvious bugs etc. but that depends on the
Yes, but with a stable API for the most common things, changes in the
internal structure of GS won't mean the need to modify extensions each
six months. And if the code doesn't change so often, then the code
reviews will be much less and the whole process be more fluid.

When my extensions worked directly, without changes, in a new GS
version, I just uploaded them with the same code but a new metadata.json
with the new list of valid versions, and they appeared automatically,
because a code review wasn't needed.

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