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Hello Jasper

2012/1/29 Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre mecheye net>

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 5:32 AM, informalibre montceau
<informalibre montceau gmail com> wrote:
> Hello, I translated my text translated from French via google, I do not know
> if I'm on the right list
> I use Fedora 16 - 64-Bit
> - Better management of virtual desktops
> Problem:
> When more than three windows in an office, it becomes difficult to work. In
> my case, I usually click with the middle button on the title bar of a window
> to the passing in the background. But when I have lots of windows I say,
> "It's hassle and complicated to change the windows." Then I look back I have
> several offices available to me I go to work and I spread my windows on my
> various offices.
> Solution:
> When it was launched more than three windows, the behavior of the
> application launcher changes. When you click on an icon of a program, it no
> longer starts in the current desktop mode but remains in activity mode. This
> allows us then to distribute the application to the proper desktop.

You can already drag an application icon to a desktop, and you will
remain in "activity mode".

To drag and drop, I know. But often I do not have the reflex to the different applications on different desktop.

If once there is a lot of applications behavior change, it would allow me to use more often the different desktop.

> - Better management of the screensaver
> Problem:
> To detect when the user is not in front of his screen, the system examines
> the use of the mouse. But this is not always relevant, because I can very
> well not use the mouse but watch a video with totem.
> Solution
> Add a button to totem to tell the system that it should not start the
> standby screen and / or warn the user that the screen saver will launch and
> offer to disable the screen saver time of the video.

Totem should already be inhibiting the screensaver when it's in full-screen.

it does not work in fedora 16
> - Better management of evolution and rhythmbox as background
> Problem:
> There are often many applications already launched and the two applications
> should not remain there permanently open and takes up space. Yet we need to
> open evolution to see if we receive new messages. And we keep open rhythmbox
> since we're listening to music
> Solution:
> Ensure that Evolution is running in the background but without a GUI and /
> or have a daemon that checks the mail. For rhythmbox, make music playback or
> radio is being transferred to a body that plays the songs, Rhythmbox will
> close but in this instance the notification area will continue to play
> songs.

Put them on their own workspace and ignore them?

Would have when the music plays and that is closed rhythmbox, there are only miniaturized the bottom right. And we can make it reappear as needed. It does not need to clutter the desktop.

> - Better device management hot
> Problem
> When I connect a new device, the system initiates a new instance of nautilus
> even if it is already running
> Solution
> Open the device in a new tab

What version of GNOME Shell are you running? You should get an
auto-mount notification, not just nautilus auto-started.


In my version, when I connect a new device. A message appears at the bottom center. When I clicked, the system gives me the device in a new instance of nautilus. And not in a tab of an instance of nautilus already open.


> - Move the windows of other offices with the mouse
> New feature:
> When I move a window to the lower edge of the screen, the active mode
> appears and allows me to move my window to other office

This is hard to do for various technical reasons.

But do you think is a good idea?
> - Management of Gnome 3 PC in the same LAN
> New feature:
> Allow a simple way to share documents between multiple computers under gnome
> 3. I right click on a document or folder, and I check a sharing option. It
> instantly appears on all computers in the network. Also allow to send a
> document to a single computer network, by right click to send.

Yeah, there needs to be some work towards painless sharing. How it
will be accomplished, I don't know.

Currently possible via nfs but difficult to do easily.

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