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On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 8:44 AM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> The only real cultural mismatch I think exists here is what the right
> response is to do if the user gets confused by a menu that says:
>  Suspend
>  Hibernate
>  Power Off
>  Restart
> Is the right thing to do to provide training for the user, or is the
> right thing to do to improve the user interface? I'm strongly of the
> opinion that we should improve the user interface.
> - Owen

Well then couldn't there just be a 'Power Off' and 'Suspend' option in
the menu then?  That doesn't seem too confusing... Suspend = "I'll be
back in a bit and want to get back to what I was doing".  Power Off =
"I'm done for a while and just want to turn the computer off".  Of
course the power off option should follow current behaviour of asking
wether one wants to power off or restart.

> [ I'll try to find time to write up some comprehensive, far too long
>  response that goes in detail into design considerations, environmental
>  consideration, etc. But for now, let me say that this discussion
>  stopped being productive several months ago. We'll revisit the
>  power-off situation at some point before 3.2, but thousands of
>  pages of mailing list discussion rehashing the same points isn't going
>  to be taken into account at that point. This also applies to repeated
>  comments on Bugzilla bugs rehashing the same points. If someone brings
>  up the subject on this list, please just say "Yes, this has been
>  discussed a lot, here's the bugzilla #, also see the list archives" ]
> On Fri, 2011-05-27 at 13:28 +0200, Rovanion Luckey wrote:
>> The whole argument for not having Power Off as a visible option in the
>> menu seems to boil down to cultural convention. And I hope everyone
>> here understands that people do things in different ways in different
>> cultures. Sometimes people even do things differently than the local
>> convention.
>> You cannot design Gnome to fit the standard behaviour of your specific
>> culture. The number of people in  your culture is vastly outnumbered
>> by the ones not in your culture. The solution to a behavioural issue
>> in your culture may have been to remove the power-off button. But it
>> also breaks Gnome-Shell for everyone who does not do things the way
>> things are done in your culture.
>> So removing functionality might just make sense in your cultural
>> context, it may make it easier for the population in your culture to
>> do what's "better". But in cultures where everyone is already doing
>> what's "best", you are removing functionality that everyone uses for,
>> from their cultural context, what seems to be no reason what so ever
>> and.
>> Maybe the reason why there have been so many strong reactions to this
>> decision is because from other cultures than yours, it makes no sense.
>> Until I read the last parts of this thread I could not for the life of
>> me understand why someone would make such a decision. But that was
>> because it was trying to solve an issue that did not exist in my part
>> of the world.
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