Re: The good, the bad, the insane

The whole argument for not having Power Off as a visible option in the menu seems to boil down to cultural convention. And I hope everyone here understands that people do things in different ways in different cultures. Sometimes people even do things differently than the local convention.

You cannot design Gnome to fit the standard behaviour of your specific culture. The number of people in  your culture is vastly outnumbered by the ones not in your culture. The solution to a behavioural issue in your culture may have been to remove the power-off button. But it also breaks Gnome-Shell for everyone who does not do things the way things are done in your culture.

So removing functionality might just make sense in your cultural context, it may make it easier for the population in your culture to do what's "better". But in cultures where everyone is already doing what's "best", you are removing functionality that everyone uses for, from their cultural context, what seems to be no reason what so ever and.

Maybe the reason why there have been so many strong reactions to this decision is because from other cultures than yours, it makes no sense. Until I read the last parts of this thread I could not for the life of me understand why someone would make such a decision. But that was because it was trying to solve an issue that did not exist in my part of the world.


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