Re: We want task bar back. Pretty please.

Le vendredi 06 mai 2011 à 13:37 +0200, Denys Vlasenko a écrit :
> I don't like disruptive innovation when it is not presented as an
> option, but showed down my throat by force.
> Tell me, how the particular bit of innovation which removed the
> possibility to have app launch icons in top panes is useful?
> Why this new thing (or rather, absence of old, perfectly working thing)
> is not optional?
Nobody forces you to use the Shell. Just go to User menu->System
Settings->System information->Graphics card and enable fallback mode.
You'll get a revamped gnome-panel that supports (almost) everything
you're used to.

Granted, this option should be more discoverable - but it's here, and
fallback mode isn't going to die in the next releases.


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