Re: Errors while trying to get jhbuild

At bottom :-

2011/2/7 Patrick Michael Niedzielski <patrickniedzielski gmail com>:


> Oops, sorry.  I forgot to hit reply all to reply to this list.
> I'm on Debian Sid, and I have no troubles installing the packages.
> Squeeze has stable (read: old :P) packages, and so your best bet would
> be to upgrade to unstable (or maybe testing soon, but not yet: they are
> pushing lots of packages there now).
> Debian Stable may not be so great for development, even though it was
> released less than 24 hours ago.
> I can look through exactly the packages that you are having trouble with
> and give the version numbers I have, but I am not sure if it is very
> wise for you to install them.  In my experience, stable doesn't always
> play well with sid/experimental packages.  It's hit-or-miss (or
> stop-your-system-from-working).
> I can email you offlist with the versions I have.

Please do.

I will try to see if I can pull stuff from stable or experimental
without lot of breakage.

On a slightly off-topic note the DD's (Debian Developers) have said
they would be moving to GIT after Squeeze and hopefully there will be
better turnaround as far as packages and the infrastructure are
concerned. While I do not think it will happen overnight but do hope
in couple of years things would be more better (read current) .

> Cheers,
> Patrick
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