Gnome-shell anomalies

Hmm, I just noticed that the animated transition to
'Activities/overview' mode is smoother on my machine (with an nVidia
Quadro 1600FX card).  

*Then, there are other issues:*

1. When the superimposed windows separate in activities mode, they all
pick the same window/screenshot ... or whatever the term is.  E.g. If I
had evolution, file-manager and firefox on one desktop, a transition to
activities mode gives me three windows all bearing firefox GUI, or ....
you know what I mean?  Its weird.

2. The notification replacement for Empathy messages still has those
gradients and confusing text arrangement.  I see the one in the mockup
hasn't been implemented yet.  The Calender balloon rocks!  Nothing has
happened to the network menu yet

3.  I'm wondering why the user has to click on those system menus to get
balloons.  A drop-on-hover effect would be more efficient reducing the
clicks by one ... which is significant IMHO.

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