Re: Open with Files?

On 12/09/2011 03:12 AM, Alessandro Crismani wrote:
Il giorno gio, 08/12/2011 alle 19.40 -0500, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak ha
How about a bug / feature request that allows me to say "none of the
above", because frequently I don't want the shell to do anything and
have no way to do this without either ejecting the newly mounted
or opening Nautilus and then killing Nautilus. Historically, I simply
clicked on the x in the upper right corner to kill the popup, but
is not available for this if I remember correctly.

I do agree that the name "Files" feels odd and when I first mounted a
drive I was thinking "what is this?".
Try to click on the notification bubble itself, just avoid "eject" or
"open with files". If I click on the black popup nothing happens and the
notification is dismissed (which for me is equal to "none of the two").


Oh my, who would-a-thunk? Click anywhere else to make it go away.


I feel like it takes a panel of experts for me to get things done in Gnome these days.

Andrew Pitonyak
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