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Sorry Rovanion but I have to disagree with you. Change is part of the game. And some people aren't going to like it. That's not being a snob or a jerk. Expecting everyone to bend around you IS. And as far as treating people's not the GNOME community treating others poorly in THIS thread. People are just getting pissed off that they are not in control of the product. No matter what reaction they get, it's always "smug", or whatever. 

On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 3:28 PM, Rovanion Luckey <rovanion luckey gmail com> wrote:
Hi Tassilo,

Wandells complaints were more on the way the software is developed rather than the software itself. That those who come to this list with suggestions and ideas are verbally berated and otherwise treated badly because they do not fit within the target audience of Gnome Shell.

What you are doing is just proving his point. Can you please turn it down a notch?


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