Re: Gnome 3 desktop issues

Rovanion Luckey <rovanion luckey gmail com> writes:

Hi Rovanion,

> Wandells complaints were more on the way the software is developed
> rather than the software itself. That those who come to this list with
> suggestions and ideas are verbally berated and otherwise treated badly
> because they do not fit within the target audience of Gnome Shell.

I did not complain about anything Wendell said.  It's perfectly fine to
express your opinions, describe what's getting in one's way, and suggest
what could be rethought.  And it's not that the developers don't listen.
I think GNOME 3.2 is far more usable than was 3.0.  Hey, even Linus says
so! ;-)

> What you are doing is just proving his point. Can you please turn it
> down a notch?

I promise, that's my last mail on this issue.  It's just striking me
when somebody makes demands on people sacrificing their spare time to
work for common good.


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