Re: GNOME 3 from Fedora user's perpective - request for changes

Adam Williamson <awilliam@...> writes:

> > ....
> > > As has been noted, this is very familiar to anyone who uses a smartphone
> > > interface; they do much the same thing.
> > 
> > Here we go.
> > Finally you let the blood and admitted who is your master.
> Erm...what?

That is just another way of saying "you showed your true colors" :-)

> ... 
> > This is what A.C. already described on Fedora users list as a niche GNOME
> > wants to subscribe to.
> > At least he suspects so now, and predicts marginalization of GNOME.
> It's quite hard for GNOME to be more marginalized than it is right now,
> when probably less than 1% of people with computers use it. I mean, it's
> worth remembering here that GNOME 2 is not a 'success' by any reasonable
> definition of the term. Doing the same thing for a lot longer doesn't
> seem like a great approach.

Well, well ...
Finally we are on the same page ;-)
But I am even more optimistic about GNOME than your are.
I actually believe that they improve GNOME 3 as a result of this thread :-)

> > Smart phones are not the same as Fedora and RH enterprise servers,
> > workstations, PCs, notebooks.
> I don't believe I suggested they were. That doesn't mean that a
> well-considered interface concept which happens to have arrived first on
> smartphones can't also be good for other types of system.
> > They have different kind of hardware, software, and graphical desktop
> > environments.
> > Get it, "smart things" aficionado 
> Can you please stop ending your mails with lines like this? It comes
> across as condescending and overbearing. Your point of view is not the
> only one; you can't expect to just state it and have everyone else 'get
> it' and fall into line, kowtowing.

Nothing personal, Adam.
Calling somebody "smart things" aficionado in the same line is actually
friendly :-)

But let's go back to Fedora lists and take care of our chicks there ...
They miss us by now :-)


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