GNOME Shell 3.0.1 schedule

So, we have a lot of stuff potentially queued up for 3.0.1 - to give
some idea of the scope I'll append my working list of bugs (with
patches) that are candidate for 3.0.1.

There's no official GNOME code freeze for 3.0.1 changes (though UI and
string freezes remain in effect), but 3.0.x is probably the form of
GNOME Shell that most people will actually see, not 3.0.0 (e.g., 3.0.1
will be the version in Fedora 15) so it's up to us to avoid regressing
things and make sure that changes get good testing.

One approach would be to branch immediately, land patches freely on
master and then cherry-pick what we want for stable. But if we're
landing a lot of patches, I think that's risky - because there are
going to be hidden dependencies between what we're landing on master
and the patches we're cherry-picking, and the stable branch won't get

So I want to hold off on branching 3.0 until we're pretty much happy
with 3.0.1.

Here's my proposed process:

 Mon Apr 4  - GNOME Shell 3.0.0 released
 Tue Apr 5  - GNOME Shell released

 Wed Apr 6  - GNOME 3.0.0 released, tree partially reopened
              At this point, reviewed patches can go in if the bugs
              they are on are marked as 3.0.1 material by being
              added as a dependency of the 3.0.1 GNOME Shell tracker
              bug. (Please don't add stuff there without checking
              with me.)

 Wed Apr 13 - 3.0.1 code freeze
              Review + approval by me for any commits. (Two reviews
              by other people for patches from me.) Only patches
              that should be landing at this point are for crashers,
              regressions, and things of that nature.

 Wed Apr 20 - Create 3.0 branch in Git
              At this point master is completely open for commits.
              3.0 branch stays review + approval by me forever.

 Mon Apr 25 - GNOME 3.0.1 newstable tarballs due

Note that gives us *1 week* from tomorrow to get to a "3.0.1 release
candidate" state. Feedback on the above proposal appreciated.

- Owen


Selection of possible 3.0.1 candidate patches

- appmenu not showing icon

- Wrong icon shown in app menu

- don't redraw the calendar/clock when they haven't changed

- edge-tiling: Fix cancelling maximize tiling

- After installing package, sometimes Applications of Activities overview has only one program icon

- network: deal with recycling of closed active connections

-'make uninstall' doesn't remove gnome-shell binary

- network: ad-hoc indicator not shown
  Ad hoc networks don't show up in network list

- NetworkManager 0.9 indicator doesn't show device name
  Multiple wireless cards, appear as blank spaces instead of names?

- when audio server isn't available don't show microphone

- WindowOverlay: Show close button after an animation

- network: fix updating the access point strength

- don't show hidden APs in the menu
  Needs review by Giovanni

- network: Mobile broadband switch shows "OFF" after connecting

- Mutter git breaks transparency in non-maximized windows

- switching between single and multi monitor puts all windows in one desktop

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