Re: GNOME 3 from Fedora user's perpective - request for changes

On Tue, 2011-04-05 at 17:42 +0000, JB wrote:
> Onyeibo Oku <twohotis@...> writes:
> > ...
> > Aren't we all concerned?  Just that you're failing to see how relative
> > those concerns are.  One guy thinks it stinks the other swears its a
> > gift from heaven.  I still ask, what about you?  Have you used it? How
> > long has it been? A day?  I've been testing this movement since 2.31.5
> > (about 6months, I think). Its interesting following the process.  You
> > should try it.
> About me ?
> I stated it on this thread already a couple of times - my reason for coming
> here (and registering) was my own experience (admittedly short but focused) and
> that of other quite capable people on Fedora lists, who btw raised some other
> questions about GNOME 3.

Been there too.  Also been following the fedora forums.  Some raise
issues and also suggest solutions ... some go further and offer patches,
alternative designs, and fixes.  Some blow steam and throw threats when
they don't get a favourable response from the devs.  In the end, the
best route to something most people can identify with is to be part of
the process -- to be accommodating and understanding while pushing your
ideas for better UX.  Expecting the Devs to drop a concept that has been
evolving over 2years++ and do a 180degree turn is no way near that.

> You will see a lot of moves around time of Fedora 15 becoming next production
> release, and beyond.

Tantrums?  That's not new.  Actually, the problems in people's
perception of Gnome3 is mostly social (the after effects of poor
communication ... i.e. from both sides.  This heat is totally
unnecessary.  People just need to tweak their tolerance levels a bit)

> Pay attention, as Fedora is a feeder to a large users base of RH Enterprise
> systems (they became a $1.0 bil. revenue company recently). GNOME should want to
> be in it and care about what their customers want and how they react to
> disruptive pseudo-innovation.

RH employees are part of the Gnome devs as well as contributors from
other big players.  Gnome3 is not an isolated project.  Please also note
that there is something like 'Disruptive Pseudo-Habits'.  Relax a bit :)

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