Re: Gnome objectives

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 12:53:36 +0530, you wrote:

>Till now I don't see any real reason for developing gnome-shell -- it
>appears to be a complete waist of effort. All enhancements that people
>are liking here can be easily done in the classic desktop.

Gnome Shell is necessary, trying to bolt on the newer stuff that
today's hardware allows and people expect to the existing code would
be asking for trouble.

I actually find Gnome Shell to be quite interesting and exciting, even
if I find it unusable and need to leave Gnome (depending on what it
eventually ends up looking like).  I think it will offer Gnome a lot
of interesting paths in the future as it gets built on that couldn't
be done with the existing desktop.

My only issue, albiet a major one, is this obsession on keyboard
navigation/must avoid having a taskbar at all costs which seems from
my perspective to be dictating the UI.  But if the developers believe
everyone must use a keyboard to navigate Gnome Shell, that is
certainly their, and Gnome's, choice.

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