Re: Gnome objectives

On Thu, 2010-11-25 at 12:53 +0530, dE . wrote:

> Till now I don't see any real reason for developing gnome-shell -- it
> appears to be a complete waist of effort.

it may be wasted, but it's not *your* effort.

and you don't get to decide what people should be developing in a free
software project like GNOME.

>  All enhancements that people
> are liking here can be easily done in the classic desktop.

then feel free to start implementing them, and maintain the GNOME 2.x
user experience. it's open source, after all: the code is all on

I politely ask you to stop this thread. you made your points (far too)
clear, and you're just not contributing anything of value to this
project - nor to GNOME in general.


Emmanuele Bassi, Open Source Software Engineer
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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