Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

Jon Nettleton 2009/07/08, 14:46 +0200:
> [...]  Wait until you see it in lingerie :-)

Can't stand the wait :-)
> > [Problems removing workspaces]
> Yeah I now about this.  Originally sanders was using Wnck to catch
> active-workspace-changed, which appeared to be having some problems.  I
> have submitted a patch to mutter [...]

seems like the problem is fixed now, I haven't done massive testing, but
the bug did not show up on me for some time.

However, I've got another new problem: Using your livecrumb-branch,
searching for application does not work. No matter what I do enter into
the search field, the application results stay empty every time. In the
"master-branch" everything is working okay.

> yes there is definitely polish to put on it.  I am just working by
> myself and want to focus on the core of the technology and the
> gnome-shell integration.  Once everything is working, I will make it
> look pretty.

I fully understand and respect this. I think it's kind of a compliment
if users do not debate about the mechanisms, but about polishing the
interface, as this means the interface is pretty usable right now (at
least for me). I'm using it on a daily base and I'm quiet happy about
the new user experience. It would really be great if this will be merged
into the final gnome-shell release.

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