Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

On Sat, 2009-07-04 at 08:06 -0500, Josh Adams wrote:
> I've always been a huge fan of sanders' breadcrumbs, and felt they
> didn't get the love they deserved.  I think you've taken that branch
> and made with the goodness that clutter/js makes easy, and for that I
> publicly salute you :)
> I'd love to suggest that you grab a account and put this
> code up in a repository, a la sanders' workflow.  DVCS makes
> collaboration a win.
> Again, three cheers and whatnot.  This is what I always imagined that
> branch would turn into :)  Any interest in recording a quick
> screencast?
> --

Okay okay I have finally cleaned up the code enough that I can publish
it.  It isn't 100% stable, but is very usable.  I know I also have
things to implement like window notifications and alt+tab and such.  I
took today to implement my code using TidyGrid and fixing a few other

I have never done a ScreenCast so I wasn't sure what people would want
to see.  Here is my shot at trying to illustrate my Live Crumbs work.

Last but not least.  For those that dare I have pushed my changes to
github.  You can try out the code with 

git remote add -f linux4kix git://
git checkout linux4kix/livecrumbs

I would love to hear feedback.



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