Thanks a lot, that seemed to work. I still have my old panels present though, underneath the gnome-shell panels.

2009/7/10 Mike Bursell <mike hingston demon co uk>
On Fri, 2009-07-10 at 15:57 +0100, David Stansby wrote:
> First of all, thanks to all the quick replies that I've recieved in
> response to my support email. I'll go through each one, and comment on
> each one in turn:
>         You're not the first.  You should follow the instructions
>         here:
>         This is linked as "Note: the above is supposed to work
>         reliably. Current
>         reasons why it isn't." from the Building section, which isn't
>         very
>         obvious (I can't find a link to it anywhere along the lines of
>         "this
>         doesn't run/execute").

Did you try this from ?

" /usr/bin/compiz and change the last line to
|| exec $FALLBACKWM $FALLBACKWM_OPTIONS" (that is, commenting out the
fallback respawn)."

This works for me (though note that there seem to be some rendering
problems at the moment.


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