Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

2009/07/07 02:01 +0200, Jon Nettleton:

> git remote add -f linux4kix git://
> git checkout linux4kix/livecrumbs

Thank you so much, this is a great enhancement to sanders
breadcrumb-design and it's working in a really convenient way. I've
tried with many workspace and windows, and it even scales perfect for
many workspaces and open windows. I love how easy it is to switch
between windows from one workspace to an other one. This is really sexy.

I've encountered a bug though: If you've got many workspaces open, stick
with one and open the activity overlay, removing all workspaces but one,
sets the livecrumb to the last active workspace, wich was selected
before starting the overlay. This workspace however is no longer
existing so the breadcrums, workspace and window-switching do not work

Further it would be nice to have some form of animation for the livecrum
overlay like blending it in or something like that. It feels a bit rough
and it's flickering when you're using the workspaces overlay.

I think this is a great idea of what could be a great new user interface
to what once was a taskbar in standard desktop paradigm.

Thank you so much for your effort. Keep up the good work.

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