Re: gnome-shell-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

> Thank you so much, this is a great enhancement to sanders
> breadcrumb-design and it's working in a really convenient way. I've
> tried with many workspace and windows, and it even scales perfect for
> many workspaces and open windows. I love how easy it is to switch
> between windows from one workspace to an other one. This is really sexy.

Thanks.  Wait until you see it in lingerie :-)
> I've encountered a bug though: If you've got many workspaces open, stick
> with one and open the activity overlay, removing all workspaces but one,
> sets the livecrumb to the last active workspace, wich was selected
> before starting the overlay. This workspace however is no longer
> existing so the breadcrums, workspace and window-switching do not work
> anymore.

Yeah I now about this.  Originally sanders was using Wnck to catch
active-workspace-changed, which appeared to be having some problems.  I
have submitted a patch to mutter so we can get a signal direct from the
window manager.  This appears to have fixed my problems.  Once we get
that committed to mutter git I will push my updates to use it to my git

> Further it would be nice to have some form of animation for the livecrum
> overlay like blending it in or something like that. It feels a bit rough
> and it's flickering when you're using the workspaces overlay.

yes there is definitely polish to put on it.  I am just working by
myself and want to focus on the core of the technology and the
gnome-shell integration.  Once everything is working, I will make it
look pretty.


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