How to support?


I'm a bit confused about what would be the best way to support the
approaches gnome-shell does:

   1. bug-report at bugzilla
   2. commenting and feedback at the mailing-list
   3. bring up new design ideas at gnome-shell-wiki and come up with new

Are bug-reports encouraged for the plain-vanilla tree of gnome-shell or
should branches be included into bug reports. Which branches should be
followed and tracked and what branches will "officially" sooner or later
be merged into the vanilla trunk?

The same thing: Which branches and ideas to follow, tryout and comment
to? Where are so many great single ideas, some of theme nicely to be
merged together, some of them contrary in ideas or designs. Some of them
might not follow the guidelines the main developers might have in mind.

There's a lot clutter around of different ideas, same things done
differently, or somehow "controversial" design ideas for the same idea.
There's missing and overview in which directions development should be
heading and 

Don't get me wrong, this is perfectly normal for a young and evolving
project like gnome-shell is, but it would be nice for testers to know in
which way developing of the main tree is heading, what might be the main
design and interface usage idea for a possible gnome 3.0 integration and
what would finally hit gnome 3.0. Just to keep feedback generating much
white noise for features never intended to hit the final release.

Happy coding, happy testing and thanks so much for these great ideas and
desktop experience renewal!


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