some ideas for improvement


as i were interested in gnome3.0 I tested the shell and i have to
confess, that i'm pretty impressed, but there are a few topics, i'd like
to bring up, to improve the shell (not sure if u already got that):

#virtual desktops
-ctrl + alt + cursor shall move on on end/beginning
-ctrl+alt+NUM shall jump to respective VD (if existing)

-no need for clock in dock
-10 or 12 last used docs in "recently used" dock, or use full free space
-dock shall not move windows and data on desktop, but overlay them

-date in top panel as calender (as in 2.x but app-indipendent)
-no bottom panel if there is no window open/ app running
-rhythmbox e.o. later started apps shall apear left of automaticly
started ones (to keep the appearance more coherant)

-recent documents, shall be removed from Activities shell (only a
-therefore use the space for more last used apps
-while using search, Applications and Documents shall use the free space
more efficent, so if there are no or only few docs/apps the other
category shall be able to use the free space

#open question(s)
where to include Zeitgeist?  

Thanks and i hope it was of any help


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