Re: Idea for the maximize, minimize and close icons

2009/7/6 José Luis Ricón <artirj gmail com>:
> The fullscreen functionality I mention already exists, and nobody
> complains :)  Just go to Firefox-> View->Fullscreen or the same with
> totem or another program.
> Maximized !=Fullscreen .

I'm not sure what or who are you replying to, but as I said before (2
comments above) the fullscreen functionality won't let you use the
panels, it's hiding useful information. On the other hand the maximize
functionality (with title in the top bar) is showing duplicate
information. My proposal is to fix the later.

Fullscreen mode has a different purpose, it's not just for screen
efficiency but for having full focus on an activity (watching a movie,
showing something a slideshow/webpage in a conference, etc).
Fullscreen mode is not designed to be used full time, because it's
hiding useful information. And it will hide every bar (also the side

Maximize on the other hand is meant to be for screen efficiency while
keeping most of your system information easily visible, at hand.
That's why I'm proposing to remove the titlebar for screen efficiency.
And keep the minimize/restore/close buttons in the topbar.


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