Re: Idea for the maximize, minimize and close icons

I'm generally just an observer on this list, so excuse my intrusion here :) but 
I feel I have something to say this time, related to this.

> 2009/7/6 José Luis Ricón <artirj gmail com>:

> But in fullscreen you can't see the notification panel, you can't see
> the clock, can't click on activities/user and you can't have the left
> sidebar (in case that the sidebar option is enabled).
> Also, when you maximize in a layout like the one described the window
> title information will be mostly duplicated information (you already
> can see the window title at the top bar). This is taking a whole line
> of space just for holding 2 buttons, wasn't it one of the goals of
> gnome-shell to save screen space and make the desktop more usable in
> small screens and netbooks?

How do you suggest then (if the decorations are gone) that we could handle 
things like restoring the window to the previous non-maximized size? I generally 
do this (and maximizing also) by double-clicking the window titlebar. I know 
there could be ways that this could be done (like in this, IMHO amazing, mockup: sorry for 
the language but couldn't find another link, anyway that matters is the video, 
and the link for gnome-look's mockup is http://www.gnome-, but still, the fastest 
way to do this with one hand in a simple way (e.g. not having to remember 
keyboard shortcuts) is through the titlebar.

I would like to see some UI changes in GNOME for 3.0, but I'm not sure if 
removing the titlebar when fullscreen will solve more problems instead of 
causing them (let's not forget that almost no mainstream WM, i believe, has a 
feature like this, so users would be disoriented).

Just my .02

Juan Manuel Santos

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