Re: Idea for the maximize, minimize and close icons

> > What do you think?
> There's no application icon there, I think that this won't be good,
> the icon gives a nice visual identifier for the application and helps
> to relate the taskbar item and the window.
> Perhaps the icon could be shown as part of the window title.

Take a look a t
The icon is displayed on the topbar, or, as you say, it can also be
displayed on the titlebar.

> By the way, what do you think about the decoration being removed
> completely when the window is maximized?.
> What alternative place were you thinking about for moving the
> functions provided by the window menu? (perhaps the buttons could be
> put in the top panel? the breadcrumb idea proposed  that and I think
> it would be neat)

When going maximized, I think the decoration should stay there unless
we use the special fullscreen mode(Like View->Fullscreen)
The alternative place for those controls(IF needed, because those are
almost never used, or at least by the common user). Always on top can
be moved to the preferences menu and the other ones are available
while in the overlay mode.

> > 1)The window will be minimized to the window taskbar(I think) and that's on the left on the screen
> is the taskbar really going to be at the left side? I thought that the
> left bar was optional.

As shown in the above mockup, the taskbar,( well, it's a dropdown
tasklist) is on top of the screen, at the right of the activities

> > 2)Makes use of the hotcorner and it's easier to reach
> I'm not sure what do you mean by "hotcorner", but I think it's harder
> to reach for people who have grown accustomed to having the minimize
> button at the right side, for other people I'm not sure if it's really
> easier to reach. If the thing you want is to have big buttons then you
> can do that with a custom theme.

By hotcorner I mean that easiest spots to reach in a UI are the
corners, since that just require a quick mouse movement. Making the
buttons bigger and maybe giving them some friction would make them
IMHO, easier to reach.

José Luis

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