Idea for the maximize, minimize and close icons

Here we have a current window:
Notice there are 4 buttons on top: the window menu, minimize, maximize and close buttons.
The application menu can be safely removed since it's a collection of duplicated  stuff.

With that removed, we have another hot corner!.
Going one step further, we can move the minimize button to the left corner, for two reasons:
1)The window will be minimized to the window taskbar(I think) and that's on the left on the screen
2)Makes use of the hotcorner and it's easier to reach

And what about the maximize button?
It's easier to pick the window and drag it to the top of of the screen, something easier and more usable than clicking a small button, (In the final shell design, you can drag apps by selecting any empty space)
So we can also remove it.
Finally, the two buttons left can me made bigger and the final result is this:

What do you think?

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