Re: Idea for the maximize, minimize and close icons

The fullscreen functionality I mention already exists, and nobody
complains :)  Just go to Firefox-> View->Fullscreen or the same with
totem or another program.
Maximized !=Fullscreen .

2009/7/6 Juan Manuel Santos <vicariousdm gmail com>:
> I'm generally just an observer on this list, so excuse my intrusion here :) but
> I feel I have something to say this time, related to this.
>> 2009/7/6 José Luis Ricón <artirj gmail com>:
>> But in fullscreen you can't see the notification panel, you can't see
>> the clock, can't click on activities/user and you can't have the left
>> sidebar (in case that the sidebar option is enabled).
>> Also, when you maximize in a layout like the one described the window
>> title information will be mostly duplicated information (you already
>> can see the window title at the top bar). This is taking a whole line
>> of space just for holding 2 buttons, wasn't it one of the goals of
>> gnome-shell to save screen space and make the desktop more usable in
>> small screens and netbooks?
> How do you suggest then (if the decorations are gone) that we could handle
> things like restoring the window to the previous non-maximized size? I generally
> do this (and maximizing also) by double-clicking the window titlebar. I know
> there could be ways that this could be done (like in this, IMHO amazing, mockup:
> sorry for
> the language but couldn't find another link, anyway that matters is the video,
> and the link for gnome-look's mockup is http://www.gnome-
>, but still, the fastest
> way to do this with one hand in a simple way (e.g. not having to remember
> keyboard shortcuts) is through the titlebar.
> I would like to see some UI changes in GNOME for 3.0, but I'm not sure if
> removing the titlebar when fullscreen will solve more problems instead of
> causing them (let's not forget that almost no mainstream WM, i believe, has a
> feature like this, so users would be disoriented).
> Just my .02
> Cheers
> Juan Manuel Santos
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