Re: Notification icons hell (was Re: [gpm] Re: Gnome 2.16 Module Proposal: GNOME Power Manager)

Sorry to enter the discussion that late but there were a few things
mentioned that really, really disturbed be.

Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> Rodney Dawes wrote:
>> This is a configuration problem, not a user interface problem. Just
>> because you might want to do that, does not mean that all other users
>> will want to as well. In fact, if you want to say that, we can talk
>> about the majority of the Desktop market, and show how useful it is to
>> have them in the tray, because all of the IM clients are there in the
>> same area, so it makes it easy to use them all. And useful status
>> information is there too. You don't have to rove all around your desktop
>> looking for information, as it's all always in the same location.
>> But that's just me (and another 85% of the market).
> I really, really don't care about the market. I'm not a carpet salesman.

Finally someone who said it. Please, stop talking about "the user", the
"majority of all users out there" or similar things.

In fact you all have an opinion - mine would be that I'd like to see the
old battstat "replaced" by gpm - but that's only my opinion. I would
never ever dare to _guess_ whate veryone else wants. This is exactly
what a few of you do (I don't want to mention names now).

The only real problem that Gnome-d-e ever had were developers and
"semi-developers" talking about what I want without really knowing that.
Finally there is someone who tries to satisfy /nearly/ everyone - may I
quote gnome-power-settings: "Never display icon" [...] "Always display

Well, anyway, I'd like to see the notification area with the
functionality of hiding icons *I'd like to see hidden*. My notebook can
only display 1024x768, so space does matter in that case. But, I would
_not_ hide gnome-power-manager there.

A users opinions.

Greets from Austria,

> About our current subject, I like my desktop being well organized. And
> as all my status monitors (I'm using a laptop, so I'm talking about
> network interfaces status and frequency monitor) sit on a part of my
> panel, I don't see any good reason why the battery monitor should be on
> a separate place, in the notification area, with no way for me to put it
> among the other ones.
> And what happen is just the opposite of what you describe : that status
> icon is not in the right place, so I have to look around my desktop to
> find it. Worse, it's messed up with app icons (which I'm quite ok they
> stay in the notification area) and other real notification icons...
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