Re: [gpm] Re: Gnome 2.16 Module Proposal: GNOME Power Manager

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 21:12 +0200, Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> 1. It's good design to split up parts which are doing different things
> ( You can also put all your code in one source file, but that's not good
> design )

Even though D-BUS indeed makes it easy to do IPC I fail to see why you'd
want to split g-p-m in two processes. Remeber that g-p-m is a lot more
than an icon; it also pops up dialogs from time to time...

> 2. An applet would be much more consistent with how GNOME works at the
> moment. If I want to add something to the panel I just add there by
> doing "Add to panel" and if I want to remove it I choose "Remove from
> panel". GNOME unlike windows luckily doesn't put many stuff
> automagically in the panel :-)

Suppose g-p-m was an applet instead of using the notification area. Do
you think it's a good idea to let users remove this applet? 

Basically I think the notification area is the right answer for UI
gizmos that directly relate to the state of the computer while applet is
the answer for UI gizmos that doesn't.


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