Re: [gpm] Re: Gnome 2.16 Module Proposal: GNOME Power Manager

On 4/9/06, Scott J. Harmon <harmon ksu edu> wrote:
> Andrew Sobala wrote:
> > Nope. I'm working on a laptop at the moment, and I don't care that my
> > battery is fully charged. This is because it's plugged into the wall. If
> > I wasn't plugged into the wall, I'd start caring - but I'd also get a
> > battery symbol.
> Am I the only one who mouses over the applet to see how much more time
> until the battery is fully charged?

Definitely not; I rely on this frequently.  I'd be heavily annoyed if
the applet wasn't showing (and no other equally easy way of obtaining
this information was available) when my laptop is plugged in and not
fully charged.  If it's both plugged in and fully charged then I'd be
fine with it not being there, as long as that was the only case.

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