Re: Gnome-Pilot on Kubuntu

Matt Davey wrote:
Hi again,

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 12:00 -0700, Rick Knight wrote:
Matt Davey wrote:
Hi Rick,

Glad the install of gnome-pilot 2.0.16 worked pretty well.

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 09:47 -0700, Rick Knight wrote:
And this error (repeated for each conduit)...

(gpilotd-control-applet:18420): libgpilotdcm-WARNING **: unable to g_module_open (/opt/gnome2/lib/evolution/2.12/conduits/, reason /opt/gnome2/lib/ undefined symbol: e_source_peek_color_spec

Can you suggest a way around these errors?
Hmmm.  This suggests your svn install of evolution is a bit broken.
libedataserverui is complaining that it can't find the definition of
'e_source_peek_color_spec', which should be defined in 'libedataserver'.

I suspect that libedataserverui is picking up your system installed
version of 'libedataserver', instead of your newly compiled version
(assuming you do have 'libedataserver' compiled from svn and living
in /opt/gnome2/lib).  You can run
'ldd /opt/gnome2/lib/ | grep libedataserver' to
see where it is finding libedataserver.  If it is picking up the wrong
version, that probably points to a bug in evolution-data-server, as it
should have a newer version for libedataserver to prevent it picking up
the old version.

Thanks again Matt,

Here's the output of ldd /opt/gnome2/lib/ | grep libedataserver... => /opt/gnome2/lib/ (0xb7e85000)

It looks like it's pointing to the correct file. Anything else I can try?

In that case we need to check which '' is being
picked up by your gnome-pilot installation - do you have versions from a
previous evolution installation?  Run 'ldd' on ''
- it could be picking up a mixture of libedataserver* libraries.

The available conduits are found by searching for all "*.conduit" files
in a known directory - usually "/usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits".  If you
have got the wrong paths in these .conduit files, it will pick up the
wrong files.  You want to make sure the .conduit,,
libe* files are all coming from your svn build.


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I have everything working, for the most part anyway. What isn't working is syncing my Evolution-exchange email. The Calendar, Tasks and Contacts work fine, even picking them up from Evolution-exchange. What is required to sync my mail?

Thanks again,

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