Re: Gnome-Pilot on Kubuntu

Matt Davey wrote:
Hi again,

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 12:00 -0700, Rick Knight wrote:
Matt Davey wrote:
Hi Rick,

Glad the install of gnome-pilot 2.0.16 worked pretty well.

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 09:47 -0700, Rick Knight wrote:
And this error (repeated for each conduit)...

(gpilotd-control-applet:18420): libgpilotdcm-WARNING **: unable to g_module_open (/opt/gnome2/lib/evolution/2.12/conduits/, reason /opt/gnome2/lib/ undefined symbol: e_source_peek_color_spec

Can you suggest a way around these errors?
Hmmm.  This suggests your svn install of evolution is a bit broken.
libedataserverui is complaining that it can't find the definition of
'e_source_peek_color_spec', which should be defined in 'libedataserver'.

I suspect that libedataserverui is picking up your system installed
version of 'libedataserver', instead of your newly compiled version
(assuming you do have 'libedataserver' compiled from svn and living
in /opt/gnome2/lib).  You can run
'ldd /opt/gnome2/lib/ | grep libedataserver' to
see where it is finding libedataserver.  If it is picking up the wrong
version, that probably points to a bug in evolution-data-server, as it
should have a newer version for libedataserver to prevent it picking up
the old version.

Thanks again Matt,

Here's the output of ldd /opt/gnome2/lib/ | grep libedataserver... => /opt/gnome2/lib/ (0xb7e85000)

It looks like it's pointing to the correct file. Anything else I can try?

In that case we need to check which '' is being
picked up by your gnome-pilot installation - do you have versions from a
previous evolution installation?  Run 'ldd' on ''
- it could be picking up a mixture of libedataserver* libraries.

The available conduits are found by searching for all "*.conduit" files
in a known directory - usually "/usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits".  If you
have got the wrong paths in these .conduit files, it will pick up the
wrong files.  You want to make sure the .conduit,,
libe* files are all coming from your svn build.


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I began to feel this was an uphill battle. Too many places for problems to occur, so I've changed my system a bit. I've removed all traces of the svn Evolution build and Gnome-pilot and upgraded my Kubuntu box from Feisty 7.04 to Gutsy 7.10. Gutsy includes has packages for the Evolution version I need (2.12). So I have Evolution installed and running and I've installed Gnome-pilot, the Gnome-pilot-conduits and the Evloution-conduits. Now when I try to sync my palm I get this error, repeated for each conduit I'm trying to use...

Unknown conduit "gpbackup1" in configure.

I get this for the Gnome-pilot conduits as well as the Evolution-conduits. I've checked the file locations and everything is where it should be and there are no duplicate files. Can you tell me what to look for to fix these errors?

Thanks again,

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