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Matt Davey wrote:
Hi Rick,

On Fri, 2008-03-07 at 15:01 -0800, Rick Knight wrote:
I'm trying to install gnome-pilot on my Kubuntu Feisty box and need some help.

I have installed Evolution 2.12 from svn and it's working fine. I installed from svn because the Kubuntu package is fairly old and lacks a feature I need (print setup). I want to use gnome-pliot with evolution but the Kubuntu package doesn't seem to find my evolution installation. Now I'm trying to install gnome-pilot from svn to the same location I have evolution installed in but I'm running into a problem. When I run make it builds for a bit and then stops with this error...

gnome-pilot-conduit-config.gob: In function 'gnome_pilot_conduit_config_sync_type_int_to_str': gnome-pilot-conduit-config.gob:54: error: 'GnomePilotConduitSyncTypeCustomStr' undeclared (first use in this function)


I can think of two things to try:
1.  Run 'make -k' followed by 'make'.  See the README file on the
    'build order' bug for details.  This is gnome bug 508262:
2.  Try building from the recently released gnome-pilot 2.0.16
    distribution rather than svn.


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Matt, Thanks for the suggestion. I've downloaded and successfully built 2.0.16. I'm even able to sync some data, mainly a backup of my device. I've enabled the Evolution conduits and when try to syncronize, I get this error ...

(gpilotd-control-applet:18420): libglade-WARNING **: could not find glade file ''

And this error (repeated for each conduit)...

(gpilotd-control-applet:18420): libgpilotdcm-WARNING **: unable to g_module_open (/opt/gnome2/lib/evolution/2.12/conduits/, reason /opt/gnome2/lib/ undefined symbol: e_source_peek_color_spec

Can you suggest a way around these errors?

Thanks again,

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