Re: Handpring Visor connects from commandline but not gui

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> WTF.  I don't run Evolution as root.

[ from your previous message ]

>>  got it working only when I run evolution from root.

	I'm sorry, I misinterpreted "run evolution from root" to
actually mean "run evolution from root". My bad. What did you mean then?

> You do a lot of extrapolating.

	Yes, I do. It's called troubleshooting. It's sometimes necessary to
extrapolate, when the complete set of details and facts aren't given.

> The reason that I was apprehensive about changing the permissions on the
> device, is that I did not know if this was the correct fix or if something
> was misconfigured.

	The correct fix is to give permissions to the device (or put the
user in the right group; wheel?) so that the user can use the device.

> Are you normally this rude to people?

	Yes, search google. I'm rude to every single person I meet.


> Thanks for the help.  No thanks for the sarcasm.

	You're quite welcome, now if you can see through it, and get back to
the problem and debugging at hand, we can continue. Change the permissions
(or add the user to the proper group who has permissions to that device) and
try again.

	I'm not being rude, I'm being helpful. If you see otherwise, then I
can't help that, sorry.


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