Re: Handpring Visor connects from commandline but not gui

WTF.  I don't run Evolution as root. I didn't and don't run X as root. 
?!?  You do a lot of extrapolating.  The reason that I was apprehensive
about changing the permissions on the device, is that I did not know if
this was the correct fix or if something was misconfigured.  Are you
normally this rude to people?

Thanks for the help.  No thanks for the sarcasm.


On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 09:37, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
> >  Unfortunately, I can only get the id as root.
> 	I *SERIOUSLY* hope you're not running gnome/Evolution as root. 
> >   ERROR: Permission denied
> >    Unable to bind to port '/dev/ttyUSB1'
> >    Please use --help for more information
> 	Ah, an old version of pilot-link. Change the permissions on
> /dev/ttyUSB1 and try again as a normal user who can read and write to
> that port. 
> > I have read the --help and have not found anything that helps.  I am a
> > little scared about changing the permissions on /dev/ttyUSB1.  Any help
> > would be grateful.
> >  got it working only when I run evolution from root.
> 	You're scared of changing permissions on a device, but you have no
> problem running X and Evolution and gnome as root!? Boggle. 
> 	Change the permissions to 0666 or greater and try that. If you had been
> running the current version of pilot-link, it would have suggested this
> as an option for the error you received. 
> d.
Neil West <nwest cox net>

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