Re: gnome-office website (was Re: We're removed from FC2 ?)

At 01:03 PM 2/5/2004, Jody Goldberg wrote:

This is of paramount important in my mind.  There are several tasks
common to all the major office components.  Having all of us
replicate them seperately has been a major impediment to growth, and
interoperability.  Doing a good job on even simple components takes
time.  I've spent a good week on just the colour combo boxes.  Why
would we want to waste that, or to give the user different behaviors
depending on the app ?

Okay. I see your point here. I was likely applying too much credit to GTK libs for a little too much of this. :) You are, of course, correct, sir.

libgsf is a good start.

with the Gnome-VFS wrapping in place too?

hopefully libgoffice will be in place soon and will help take things

I think, then, one of the primary parts in whatever the first step is will be to roadmap this out and establish it in it's own CVS tree. Then we can build a roadmap between the applications at that point and the applications in the next "Version" of GnomeOffice.

True.  This is more important than (2) in many ways.  We need to
have good clipboard support at a minimum.

I (we as a group?) need to map out what features are needed for good cross app behavior ( integration is not the word I want here, I think ). We might even should establisha separate bugzilla.

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