Re: [gnome-mud] About the direction patch

jrovira etsetb upc edu wrote:
I've been checking the directions patch again, and found out that it did already
integrate with the profile system. In fact, it adds a new toolbar button to
profile window to bring up the directions modification window, patches the
profile code, the mapper code and keybindigns code to use the profiled
directions. I re-post the full bzippped patch for you to check (it is against
v0.10.5). It also includes a new directions.c/.h to control the directions


The patch looks nice. Found a segfault I'll look into later.

I guess this patch loads data from and to gconf correctly aswell?

Jordi: About the glade file, should I use the same layout as the glade-branch? That is a head directory called ui which contains the file? And it should install to PKGDATADIR?


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