Re: Gnome 3 usability - one user's comments

On 11-06-15 09:41 PM, Frederic Muller wrote:
> Now we need users feedback to fine tune all those little remaining
> glitches.

While, yes, there has been some ranting here, there have also been some
very detailed descriptions on the inefficiencies and lack of
functionality in Gnome 3.  I was one person who listed individual
inefficiencies and functionality that disappeared in Gnome 3.  Others
have done so as well.

Several of us in fact have lamented about the same issues -- namely the
inefficiencies of workspace based work flows.  The core issue being that
moving from application to application and workspace to workspace is
just far too inefficient as it requires far too many mouse actions
(which happen to be at opposite sides of the display) when compared to
Gnome 2's efficient workspace switcher.

My other major complaint is the multitude of missing functionality like
the weather bits of the clock applet and the inability to monitor the
machines resources and processors (i.e. the performance and CPU
applets).  In fact where has that rich multitude of applets that were in
Gnome 2 gone to?

It really is a hard sell to tell people an "upgrade" includes losing a
lot of functionality they used to once have.


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