Re: Gnome 3 usability - one user's comments

On 11-06-15 05:55 AM, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> Been using Linux for years.  Started using Gnome 3 when Fedora 15 was
> released.  I've concluded that I'm NOT in the audience for which the
> Gnome 3 concepts were targeted. [In contrast, Gnome 2 served me well.]

I have to agree on pretty much, if not all of the points made here.

Gnome seems to be taking the road of dumbing down and targeting "single
tasking" users, leaving multitasking power users with having to move and
click the mouse way too much.

I am sure many "power users" will argue that power users should not have
been using gnome in the first place, but it served me well as a nice
compromise between the
and having decent integration between the user and the hardware so that
I didn't have to go to a command line for every interaction I had with
my computer.


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