Re: How to do simple desktop configs?

On Sat, 2002-02-23 at 00:17, William Lovaton wrote:
> El vie, 22-02-2002 a las 17:54, Hongl Lai escribió:
> That is a good idea... but, when a user try to add some icon to the
> desktop it will try to write it in /path/to/shared/desktop,  changing
> the desktop of the other users... this if a normal user have writing
> permissions in that directory.
> William.

Then how about this:
Symlink ~/.gnome-desktop to /path/to/shared/desktop.
/path/to/shared/desktop is not world-writable.
Put in /path/to/shared/desktop a launcher called "My Stuff" (or
something like that) that launches the following command:
nautilus ~/

So a user can't write to the desktop, but all he has to do is to
doubleclick on an icon to open his home folder, and he can save all the
files there.
How's that? A doubleclick shouldn't be too difficult.

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