Re: How to do simple desktop configs?

El vie, 22-02-2002 a las 03:29, Jehan Procaccia int-evry fr escribió:
> OK Thanks for the tip, but this is what I don't want to do. I am managing 
> 2000 user accounts, on different NFS servers, I don't want to modify (even 
> with scripts) 2000 ~user/.gnome-desktop every time I have to 
> add/delete/change an icon on the desktop !.
> If gnome developper read this, please think in future releases to include 
> not only the reading of ~user/.gnome-desktop to populate desktop icons, 
> but also a centralize gnome-desktop like /user/share/gnome/desktop for instance .
> This would be very usefull for system adminisrators to be able to 
> centralize gnome top menus and panel icons as well.

What you want is something like Windows 2000 Desktop, there is an "All
Users" directory, so you can put common elements to all users such as
menu entries and desktop icons.

You are right!  this is a nice feature and it would be great if that
could be implemented in Gnome, KDE, etc.


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