Re: How to do simple desktop configs?

On Fri, 2002-02-22 at 10:51, George Farris wrote:
> I find myself in exactly this position.  I have to setup three labs of
> twenty computers each with Linux and GNOME and I want the desktop to
> revert to a known state every time a generic lab user logs in.  How does
> one accomplish this?  A central , root controled desktop has been
> discussed before numerous times.

It's not an ideal solution but you could hack ximian-doorman to
(re)create a known setup each time someone logs in - or you edit the
Gnome script for gdm to (re)create .gnome* each time someone logs in.


> I think this can be done in GNOME 2 by the use of Gconf but I'm not sure
> having never played with it.  Frankly I would be more than a little
> shocked if this feature is not part of GNOME 2.
> I can't afford the lab to drop further behind the the administration
> capabilities of Windows 2000 for centrally controlled desktops.  I've
> fought hard to get Linux into the College, please consider these things
> when designing GNOME.  I would hate to have to be told to remove Linux
> because it takes too much admin time!!!

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