Re: Why are we not one people?

Bret Mogilefsky wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 10:04:39AM -0800, Alan M. Evans wrote:
> > <rant mode="ignore at will"> For a good example of what I consider a
> > user interface disaster, take a look at Mozilla. Sure, it uses GTK, but
> > only as a canvas to draw their own application specific widgets. The GTK
> > look alike theme (a Gecko theme, not a GTK theme) does indeed look
> > (somewhat) like the default GTK theme, but it doesn't behave like it.
> > And it doesn't obey my global preferences with regard to icons,
> > toolbars, colors, fonts, etc. </rant>
> This is why Galeon is your new best friend.

I do indeed like Galeon very much, and use it frequently. I actually
thought about joining the project when it was quite young. Now if they
could just get rid of those annoying Gecko scrollbars, which, aside from
clashing with my global theme, frequently fail to let go of my mouse
(they apparently miss the mouse-up event) and continue scrolling the
page even though my mouse pointer is no longer anywhere near the
scrollbar. (Galeon did use GTK scrollbars once, briefly, but quit doing
so on its own and I could never get it back.)

Three cheers for Galeon! Can we get SSL, please?

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