Re: ma config exacte et question de methode

"Jean-Raymond.Chauviere" wrote:
> Sorry, I don't apologize, I really think what I wrote with
> 'uniformity .... dream.... fascist'
> When I wrote incompetence, it wasn't about technics. It as about
> his possibility to speak french or spanish or what you want.
> And anybody can write I'm incompetent in Inglish for 2 reasons
> 1) I don't care
> 2) it's surely true

Incompetent to you probably meens incapable of doing a certain task. To
us Yanks, incompetent is generally classed with idiot or retard. That's
probably part of why some took your post as being intentionally
> This list is a gnome list and there is nothing that say that only
> people who can write in English can post to it. There are other people
> that want to use gnome as those who can write in English
> And they need access to THIS list as it is the central point for
> information on gnome.

It is painfully apparent that you can communicate very well in English.
For those who simply can't speak English, their not doing so is
understandable. But for those who can, posting in their native tongue
severely limits the scope of who can respond to you. 

> English isn't for me an obligation and musn't be to post to this list.
> If a spanish post in spanish, i will try to help him.
> If you don't understand spanish, trash the message. But let other
> people access to information.

I view this list as a place of sharing and collaboration. A big part of
that is communication - and being able to understand that communication.
If you've spent any time shadowing this list, you've no doubt discovered
that regardless of the mother tongue, most people speak English so that
they can communication with as many people as they can. It makes fishing
for help or information much more helpful and the answers provided also
help the rest of us in educating ourselves about the details of Gnome.
If you wish to be exclusive to just French - sure you'll have a few that
understands you, but as Murphy's law dictates - that one person with the
perfect solution to your problem can't speak French. And you may have a
common problem that others may be interested in hearing about so not
only are you limiting what help you can get, but you're also limiting
the capacity of this list to participate and learn from your particular
problem and the solution to that problem. I thought that fella that
requested you post in English was being awefully polite. He wanted to
hear and understand what you had to say. Is that a crime? If you can't
speak/write English - that's one thing. But you can - is it that hard
for you then to communicate to a broader audience and participate in a
broader community? This isn't about bashing you or bashing French. There
are many French speakers on this list who understand the spirit of this
list and are courteous enough to communicate in a way that most if not
all list members can understand. In this case it just happens to be
English. Heck, it could be Morse code. Whatever it is, it's something
that allows us to bypass the Babel effect and get together... So, in
effect, this fella was actually inviting you to participate in a larger
community, not blasting you for speaking a different language. The
invitations still open...


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