No title bars...

I am using Debian's distribution of Linux and I have not been able to
get GNOME to install quite right. I follwed the directions using apt to
install the latest release of GNOME. I have
slink-main in the sources.list.

I did apt-get upgrade and apt-get install task-gnome-apps. And I
modified the Xsession file according to the O'Rielly Debian book.
Basically added:
xterm &
gmc &
Enlightenment &
exit 0

I also made sure I tried to update Enlightenment

When I lauch Gnome it slowly comes up with an xterm in the upper right
corner. There is no title bar. Then the File Manager comes up pinned to
the upper right corner, no title bar. Netscape will come up if launched
same spot no title bar. I cannot bring up windows  from the back ground
or gain focus on different windows.

I can successfully run a session of X with FVWM so I think X is
configured properly.
Any ideas?
Josh O.

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