Re: recently on the WindowMaker list

Matthew Hawkins <> writes:

> Something I'd like to see in the GNOME panel is the ability to position
> it on any part of the screen edge, not just at the far extremities.
> At the moment you're pretty restricted where you can place the panel 
> while running WindowMaker as wmaker has the dock down one screen edge
> and appicons and mini-icons on the bottom.

I'd still love to see an option for the dock (and perhaps fiend too)
where it would always be on top, and would slide off the screen (like
the panel) when the pointer's not over it.

Rob Browning <>
PGP fingerprint = E8 0E 0D 04 F5 21 A0 94  53 2B 97 F5 D6 4E 39 30

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