Re: First impressions - USER report

Tom Tromey wrote:
> Can you be more specific about what is slow?
> Right now CORBA is only used by the panel applets.  If something else
> seems slow, then it is not MICO's fault.
Startup of the panel applets. They were OK once started, but

Speaking of startup, so far I've just been invoking 'panel' from a
command prompt. Is there a better way I should be doing things - for
instance invoking something other than 'panel'? I have yet to RTFM,
so I can't gripe too hard about this one. 

For some more trivial ones, how do you delete something from the
panel, or make it save its settings, or add something besides one
of the supplied menus/applets? RTFM is an acceptable answer, but at 
some point this stuff ought to be immediately and visually intuitive, 
if possible. While reading manuals is ok, and not to be avoided on 
general principle, there should also be no principle forcing manuals 
to be read when it's not necessary.

Dale Pontius

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